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The online version of this bibliography covers selections from the last three decades. The full version is available on request.
Catalogues and Publications
1999 William N. Copley: Nouns, Galerie Fred Jahn, Munich, text by Siegfried Gohr
  William N. Copley, L.A.C. Lieu d'Art Contemporain, Sigean, France, text by Alan Jones
1995 The Strumpet Muse, Images from Robert Service, Walter Konig, Koln
1993 Techniques of Fornication, Haus am Lutzowplatz, Berlin
1991 CPLY, David Nolan Gallery, text by Alan Jones
  CPLY Trust Lust Heed Greed, Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York and Chicago, text by Walter Hopps
1990 Portrait des Kunstlers als junger Handler Verlag Gachnang & Springer, text by Kay Heymer
1983 Post Raphaelite Paintings by William N. Copley, Reinhard Onnasch, Berlin
1981 William N. Copley, Kunsthalle Bern Centre Pompidou, Paris and Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, texts by Johannes Gachnang and Rudi Fuchs
  Willian N. Copley, Bilder und Zeichnungen, Galerie Klewan, Munchen, texts by Ingrid Rein and William Copley
1979 William N. Copley, Variations on a Theme by Francis Picabia, Brooks Jackson Gallery Iolas, New York
  CPLY, Reflection on a Past Life, Institute for the Arts, Rice University, Houston
1977 CPLY, Portrait de l'artiste en jeune marchand de tableaux, in catalog Paris-New York, Paris
1974 CPLY, Western Songs, Onnasch Galerie, Cologne
  CPLY, X-Rated, The New York Cultural Center, New York interview by Sam Hunter
  CPLY, Onnasch Galerie and Moore College of Art Gallery, New York/ Philadelphia
  CPLY, Nouns, Iolas Galleries, Milan/New York
1973 CPLY, Galleria Il Fauno, Turin text by Janus
1972 CPLY, Mail Order, Iolas Galleries, Milan/New York
  William Copley, Notes on a Project for a Dictionary of Ridiculous Images, Verlag Gebr. K Cologne/New York

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