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Press Release

The Arizona Republic
"Running through June 16 is a new and provocative exhibition, Old Glory: The American Flag in Contemporary Art. The icon for this gathering of 79 works of art created during the second half of the 20th century could well be William Copley's Model for American Flag from 1961. This simple picture of a U.S. flag with the word "think" replacing the field of stars asks you, the viewer, to contemplate the many qualities and characteristics of our country, its history and its future; its successes and its failures. In so doing, it records the artists' celebrations of the many freedoms our citizens enjoy. "

Jim BallingerMarch 17, 1996

The New York Times
"His style is faux naif and without irony or cant, his colors rich and vaguely nostalgic, his funny images cribbed from old mail-order catalogues and pulled from an imagination that dwelled, with affection and without apology, on blowsy nudes."

Michael KimmelmanMay 15, 1998

The New York Times
"In this, his 81st exhibition since 1951, Mr. Copley continues to develop a pictorial language that mixes high and low, the decorative and the narrative, and disparate artistic styles, yet remains very much his own."

Weekend — CPLY at Phyllis KindMay 3, 1991

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