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Lucy Slivinski

Chicago Reader
Critic's Choice
Fred Camper, January 10, 2003

Lucy Slivinski's sculptures made of discarded materials are standouts, with a powerful presence but no signature style. Head, a large ball of brush fiber, is at once imposing and a bit goofy. The small and elegant Stack places a clump of grass atop two bricks, making a third brick that suggests the split between nature and industry. Yet her large Seed With Hangers doesn't hint at any such rupture. Wire clothes hangers are arranged into a giant organic bloom that appears to sprout from a large, dark seed.

Chicago Sun-Times
Margaret Hawkins, Friday, August 31, 2001

The potential beauty of junk has become an exhibit in art and its worth is doubled when we add in the value of recycling. Artists who comb through the trash, whether it be personal or industrial, to find materials for their projects have become fairly commonplace. Still, there is something heroic in their endeavor.

... Lucy Slivinski is one of those artists who uses industrial materials, at least some of which have been thrown away, to create objects which appear oddly natural. Her vessels and blooms and towers seem to derived from plant and animal forms, looking very much like pods, husks or skins of one kind or another that snakes or seeds have left behind in the process of becoming something else.

K. Johnson Bowles, Jan/Feb 2000

Nature is also a source of inspiration for ideas concerning legacy and connection for Lucy Slivinski. She transforms found steel wire into beautiful organic forms through techniques found in basketry, weaving and baling. Life Cycle, originally created for an outdoor exhibition at Fernwood Botanic Garden in Niles, Michigan, is a 23-foot uprooted tree constructed of what appears to be a jumble of rusted wire. ... The piece implies much about the connections between a post industrial society and the natural world. One begins to ponder the legacy of industrial castoffs and their effect on life itself.

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