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thru August 31st

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Summer Salon: 40% Off
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Summer Salon: Nek Chand
— Nek Chand —

Haitian Artists

La Tinaia Artists


Francois Burland

Nek Chand

Carl Dixon

Howard Finster

Madge Gill

Russell Gillespie

Boris Kochesvili

Albert Louden

Alex Maldonado

Peter Minchell

J.B. Murry


B.J. Newton


Peter Nye

A.G. Perifoumou

Mary Proctor

Herbert Singleton

Charlie Stagg

Rev. J.S. Swearingen

Shafique Uddin

Inez Nathaniel Walker

Joseph Yoakum


Summer Gallery Hours

The Summer Salon is open to the public through July 31st. During the month of August the Gallery is open by appointment.

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