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Lucy Slivinski: Sculpture and Works on Paper
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Phyllis Kind Gallery is honored to announce Lucy Slivinski: Sculpture and Works on Paper. This is the artist's first New York solo exhibition.

Lucy Slivinski says of her work, "Many of my sculptures begin with just a small object salvaged from a dump. Rather than have a pre-determined form they grow and evolve from that beginning. Yellow Shadow (2002), welded steel, wire and felted wool, 48 X 58 X 48 inches, is one piece that began with a salvaged metal structure for which I crocheted steel wire and strips of recycled sweaters in order to create a vessel form. At various intervals in the crocheted form I would include a welded steel ring. Off these intermittent rings I welded the exterior yellow structure. The two structures are completely intertwined yet the linear elements define the outside structure as being separate from the interior structure."

"My studio is my core. It is my laboratory. I utilize a wide array of industrial materials in my sculptures such as, steel wire, concrete, broom fiber, sisal, and glass bottles as well as found objects. I collect many of my materials as much for their embedded history and former functions as for their aesthetic potential. In transforming these ordinary things into sculpture I emphasize the inherent nature of the materials which in turn dictates the nature of my construction process. Some of the building processes I use are welding, crocheting, weaving, binding, baling, coiling and direct building with cement and plaster. Other techniques I invent to suit my needs. An example would be my investigation of using compression to create a mass: baling sisal into forms and pounding steel wire coils into forms. Then creating ethereal wire forms that hold volume only through a system of woven lines. I also investigate the use of the recycled bottle as a form, as a material and as a source of transparency and light. Given my varied approach to different processes and materials there is a continued interplay between industrial and organic, between hard and soft and between solid and ethereal forms." — Lucy E. Slivinski

Ms. Slivinski's work was recently seen in a solo exhibition, Gleanings, Freeark Gallery, Riverside Art Center, Riverside, Illinois and Natural Reactor, Art in the Garden, Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois.


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