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Victor Faccinto: War and PeaceVictor Faccinto: Emerging Angel 1/3 2004

Phyllis Kind Gallery is is honored to announce Victor Faccinto.

Victor Faccinto, over the past 35 years, has created bodies of work as a painter, performance artist, filmmaker, sculptor, and digital media artist. Included within these categories are stop-action animated films, kinetic sound sculpture, recorded and live sound art, 16mm multi-screen projection performances, mixed media paintings and sculpture, and digital photographic assemblages.

This current exhibition will include large (4 X 7) oil and acrylic relief paintings on wood, which date back to the late 1980s, whose landscape-like surfaces are inhabited by a multitude of small three-dimensional hand made figures and found objects.

Digital photographic assemblage prints represent the most recent medium to be developed. Like the paintings, they fuse a singular visual landscape from a pallet of images such as women with guns, panty hose clad mountains, and flying kitchen utensils.

Many of these works read as storyboard environments, or in some cases battlegrounds. They sometimes place the viewer "at the front" and other times "behind the lines." Either way, using a combination of sexual tension, spiritual reflection and visual play, they reflect the good and evil, push and pull, war and peace — an apotheosis of the personal and public worlds we inhabit.

Upon request there will be viewings of the animated films Filet of Soul (1972) 16 min, Shameless (1974) 14 min, Book of Dead (1978) 14 minutes. As well as videos: This is Life (1994) 5:35 min, Full Employment Society (1993) 6:40 min, and recent video works Teen Thumb, Red Queen Blue, and Bleach Loops completed in 2003. Also Segments from the Projection Performances (1996–2001) 10min., and Three People (Rehearsal), 1994.


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