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Terao Katsuhiro: Tower, 2004


Terao Katsuhiro is as outstanding as he is assured. His work ranges from the painstaking delicacy of the line-drawing scratched in crayon board, his drawings and etchings on paper, to his effective collages (some in color) and large complex paintings (some 8 feet in one dimension).

All 10 of the "scratch pieces" we had at the Outsider Art Fair were sold as were a large number of similarly sized etchings. Because of popular demand we have gotten some more.

We are now exhibiting 12 exciting "scratch pieces" in our current show and paintings, collages and drawings that will knock your socks off!

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Lower Gallery

Shinki Tomoyuki
Yoshimune Kazuhiro
Yumoto Mitsuo

Shinki Tomoyuki, a devoted fan of professional wrestling, uses an Apple Macintosh computer to create bold, highly distorted images of wrestlers locked in tight holds. With their wildly colored hair, leggings and boots, and their exaggerated limbs, these figures are his personal "mangas."

Yoshimune Kazuhiro makes drawings whose main elements are long strings of numbers, surrounded with a rectangular box-border, and vague letter form. He also makes black and white etchings using the same motifs and brilliantly colored gouache on paper paintings of images appropriated from fashion magazines.

Yumoto Mitsuo uses pencil, colored pencil and crayon on paperboard to make his own mannered renditions of both organic and inorganic forms. Amazingly, his consistent distillations and most poetic references are succinctly Japanese as is the complex layering of both scale and space which is peculiarly askew.

All of the artists in this exhibition including Terao Katsuhiro are from atelier incurve, founded in 2002, the first vocational — training facility for mentally disabled people in Osaka, Japan that focuses on the visual arts.

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